How to attend, win, and enjoy HACKATHONS



  • What is a hackathon?

  • Where to find hackathons?

  • How to apply and get into hackathons?

  • What to do at a hackathon?

  • Can beginners go to hackathons?

  • How to take full advantage? Food and Swag.

A hackathon is a design sprint-like event, in which often computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, product managers, project managers, domain experts, and others collaborate intensively on software projects

People come together and build awesome products. Give it a try and comment down if you’ve been to any!


  • Don’t build from scratch

  • Try to learn something new

  • Try to do something different

  • Find different teammates

Learn anything you want: Going to a hackathon means that you can get started with any new piece of technology you’ve wanted to explore.

Find templates and take them: If you want to build something cool which people use, it’s probably not going to happen if you write CSS in those 24 hours. Taking some ready made templates can fast track your journey to make something better.

Try learning something different: You’ll find tons of people making amazingly different things. AR, VR, maybe a game? Anything that you can think of – someone will probably be making it. Go talk to them and see how you can get started with that skill.

Find teammates who complement your skill. The same skill set wouldn’t really bring a lot of new knowledge to the table. Leave the friendship aside and find someone who can teach you something new in those 2 days.

What to do at a hackathon?

Find free merch and food: Don’t go to a IRL hackathon without free food (big red flag)

Network with people: Find people who’re building amazing things. These connections will go a long way and help you become better in all ways.

Find sponsors, bounties: Tons of companies come to hackathons to give out money or opportunities. Make sure to talk to them and see if they have anything in room for you.

Make something cool: Finally, make something cool and show it to the world. Deploy it on a domain and put it out on social media. Get some initial users and then take things from there.

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